My belief is that when any child is born, they enter in a state of joy and unconditional love. It is when they take on the experiences of life that things begin to change for them. Different experiences occur in life and through interpretation of what happens, they form their reality on earth.

Every day I am getting closer to remembering who I am at the soul of my being, the little child who had no limits. For years I had blocked out the childhood memories I had buried within my subconscious mind. Now, through self-hypnosis and meditation I have been able to get more and more glimpses of the joyful person I was when I came into this world. And now I am helping others, regardless of their life experiences, do the same, and observe miracles happening for those who have had far harder experiences than me.

No matter where we are from we are born into this world with this spirit, the spirit of the child that believes in a life of joy and ease. This is my belief, remember, I only present it so you can look into your being and see how that feels. In some parts of the world, this spirit is stamped out very quickly. There is hardship in other parts of the world that we of the west cannot even begin to comprehend. There are, however, examples of people who have come from these war torn areas, remembered who they are, and had a profound affect on those they come into contact with. Read the story of Imaculee Ilibagiza, “Left To Tell” and you will observe what is possible even in these parts of the world. Look at the accomplishment of Gandhi whose best known quote is “Become the change you wish to see in the world.”

“Except ye become as little children, ye cannot know the meaning of Life, for your minds must be cleared of the falsehoods of this world if ye are to be taught the eternal Truth.”
- Jesus

Wherever you were brought up, you picked up falsehoods. These beliefs that are not serving humanity can be released. When we speak in front of audiences, and coach, it is always those of younger years who are limitless, they have not picked up the falsehoods of humanity to the extent of those of older years. They have caused me to look into myself and have facilitated quantum growth in me, without them even knowing.

My belief is that life was intended to be joyful and easy, and somewhere along the lines, humanity forgot. More and more people are starting to remember this, and that number is joyfully expanding every day throughout all areas of the world. Over the years, my life has become more joyous and easy as I have shed the beliefs that no longer serve me or the work that I do. Every day I am getting closer to remembering who I am and having a clearer glimpse of the child I used to be. And as I do this, I am unconsciously influencing those around me.

I have shattered family paradigms and they may think I am crazy, but this way of being is enabling me to be of greater service to others. Have you always accepted that “life is hard”, as I once did? I am not saying that anyone should agree with what I am saying but I believe that in the very reading of these words something is being stirred within you. I have challenges, and have faced some that seemed hard at the time, but got through them. Anything that seems hard before, when done, will be easier the next time. JFK took America to the moon, “not because it is easy, but because it is hard” and made it much easier for subsequent generations.

I am not intending on ignoring the contrast that is occurring in the world. The way that this contrast has been addressed in the past has not created long-term working solutions.

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”
Albert Einstein

I agree with Einstein. There is a shift occurring in collective consiousness and as a result, solutions are manifesting that are understood from new paradigms, and are receiving opposition from those glued to old paradigms. My belief is that the key to peace is not by “doing more”, it is about “being”. Yes, there are actions that can be taken, but let us, in our raised awareness, raise the awareness of those around us and help them to remember who they are….. wherever in the world they are.

We co-create our reality collectively and how would you feel if the greater collective believed that life was joyous and easy? What if everyone believed that peace was the natural state? It may be unfamiliar, but I love the prospect of it.

There is great shift in consciousness occurring right now and I believe in a completely new reality presenting itself very quickly. We all create our reality individually and by our beliefs, connect with those at the same vibration of being, and co-create.

Matthew Ashdown coaches Law of Attraction and spirituality with a focus on using it to improve family relationships and enabling youth and young adults to create the life they desire. After having teenage years that he was not very happy with, and low self-esteem, he has a strong desire to help teens around the world. Through seminars and teleclasses he speaks to groups all around the world. He believes that when we create peace in the family life there will be a far greater chance of creating peace on earth. He is available for personal coaching and looks forward to helping you create abundance in your life.

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